May 12, 2012
"Oh, God, Tommy, isn’t it pathetic—isn’t it awful? That these poor people should hang round me and shout “God bless you, Charlie,” and want to touch my overcoat, and laugh, and even shed tears—I’ve seen ‘em do it—if they can touch my hand. And why? Why? Because I made ‘em laugh. Because I cheered ‘em up. Cheered ‘em up! Ugh! Say, Tommy, what kind of filthy world is this—that makes people lead such wretched lives that if anybody makes ‘em laugh they want to kiss his overcoat, as though he were Jesus Christ raising ‘em from the dead? Eh? There’s a comment on life."

— Charlie Chaplin’s Letter to his friend Thomas Burke, from Chaplin by Stephen Weissman, M.D.

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