April 26, 2012
NFFTY, Working with ISA, Other Cool Stuff

NFFTY 2012

My short film, The Boy and The Tree, will be screening at NFFTY. I will also be there, shaking hands, talking about cinema, and networking.

You can catch my film here:


ISA - International Secret Agents

ISA is a concert performance group put together by Far East Movement, KevJumba, Wong Fu Productions, etc.

I’ve recently worked on a video for them, check it out: http://youtu.be/fmAIJCvNs_I

SIS Productions

SIS Productions is the longest running Asian American theater act in the country. I recently edited two videos for them:



My goal was to edit their interviews in a funny way while conveying what SIS is all about.

Busy busy!

March 3, 2012
The Boy and The Tree is Going to NFFTY 2012!

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am, and yet. I know I can do a lot more and get a lot better. As I’ve been finding out recently, the answer to all my cinematic problems is Hitchcock. Always study Hitchcock and use more Hitchcock.

Thank you Hitchcock.

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