April 8, 2012
The Emma Coats (story) Tweets

Emma Coats, storyboard artist at Pixar, has been at it again! Here are some of her tweets about how to tell stories at the Pixar level:

OK, people who are applying for the Pixar story internship: all the networking in the world won’t help you. Strength of portfolio & films.

Even if networking could get you in, rather than strength of your work, you’d get your ass kicked when the program started up.

We look for draftsmanship, story sense, volume of work. Also film language. Go read Mark Kennedy’s blog to brush up or get started.

I know the feeling of “if I could just get a chance, I could prove myself” - but this is how it works: you prove yourself to get the chance.

Don’t wait for outside validation. Don’t wait on guidance. Analyze things for yourself, break them down, apply them to your work. No excuse.

Expose yourself to art you don’t understand yet. Get outside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself. Watch anything BUT animation.

And there you have it folks. Secrets to success. Who would’ve known that the secret to success is hard work?

I had no idea…

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